hearing advice for the modern age

In an ideal world more of us would make an effort to guarantee out hearing is well looked after

It is a common misconception that hearing harm is predominately only suffered by those mortals who savour clubbing and going to discos at weekends. In Reality permanant hearing impairment can also be induced by listening to the car radio set for long periods of time at a high volume and also by the noise produced by a gasoline lawn mower.

 Can you imagine driving your motorcar and not hearing a siren until it is right next to you?  Or not being able ot hear when your child is crying out in pain.  A life-time without correct hearing can be problematic and sometimes hazardous.  

One of the major causes of hearing loss is attributed to listening to loud music for prolonged periods of time. Please understand there is nothing at all wrong with taking pleasure in listening to your favored pop band on your Ipod or mp3 player all the same it is highly advisable that precaution is taken to make sure the sound level is not too painful and also the that you do not spend too much time actually listening to the music at higher sound levels Exposure to overly loud sounds for an long-term period of time can cause irreversible nerve damage to the inner auricle.  The longer the exposure to loud sounds, the more apt there is to be a chance of hearing departure.

OSHA standards state that, to the unprotected ear, sustained exposure to noise over 85 decibels will cause gradual hearing loss in the majority of people.  The louder the noise, the faster this damage occurs.  To illustrate this further, the tolerated exposure time goes down by one-half for every 5 decibels over the average limit of 85 decibels.

Protecting the ear is essential to preventing sensorineural harm, more usually known as nerve damage.  Nerve impairment can be a meticulous hidden perpetrator when it comes to hearing loss.  The damage may be gentle and is often smooth.  Usually, by the time a person notices their hearing loss problem it is too late to counterbalance it.

Keep Abreast for the signals and be sensible that they can be avoided with proper protection.  If you detect any of the symptoms below, get hold of a health care professional person specializing in hearing to have your hearing tested.
Look for:
Ÿ finding it tricky to understand speech; if you find you can hear some words but not make out all of them
Ÿ tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in the ears right after being exposed to loud noises
Ÿ sounds being muffled and difficult to hear after departing a loud area

For some reason it is now acceptable and quite rightly, that when riding a motorcyle or even a bicycle that we have to wear a helment. Also if you enjoy siwmming, it is now the norm to also wear a pair of swimming googles for protection from the chemicals within the water. However this is not the case when going to a pop concert or even when engaging in some sport, such as shooting, to have to wear ear protectors.  I am hoping as public awareness increases of the impact of this, so will the take up of good hearing products.

Cutom ear plugs although costing a bit more are well worth the investment for anyone looking to buy something as a long term solution. These can cost anything up to £400 but depending on what you want to buy them for they are well worh the money.

Ear protection needs to be an everyday occurrence when you are going to be exposed to higher and louder than normal noise levels.  There are many types of hearing protection specifically designed for different circumstances.  Consult your audiologist to discover the best protection for you.
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