hearing advice for the modern age


Did you know that your ears are designed to decipher sounds and also help you balance?

 Looking after your hearing

We all know that bigger is not necessarily healthier.  Hearing protection should also be judged on the same terms.  Louder does not inevitably mean more flushed sound quality.  True hearing protection is critical to retaining the nerves in your ears good and able to transport sound signals through the nerve pathways to your mind so you can better visualise and enjoy the globe around you.

The ears are designed to decipher sounds. This includes helping us understand when we are in danger and when we should be rejoycing.  Made up of 3 parts: the external auricle, the centered ear, and the internal ear, the ear metamorphoses palpitations in the air into electric pulsations that are, in turn, passed or communicated to the mind as signals through the neuronal pathways from the ear.  Impairment to any of the pieces of the ear can result in hearing impairment and/or hearing loss.

Our human instinct is to protect against anything that could potentially damage our well being  A tiny child will do virtually the same thing when exposed to a loud noise.  The nipper automatically covers his auricles with his hands.  These are spontaneous self-defense mechanisms kicking in.  They are protecting their ears from a situation that is potentially detrimental.

The older get we generally also generally become more stuborn to other considerations.  But that does not nullify the importance of them.  We sometimes need to relearn the fundamentals of self-preservation.  Remembering that overly loud noises set off the impetus to smother or blank out out the sound is a clear signal that you need to "cover your ears".

Looking after your ears is so important. Most people appear to be unaware that once damage has been caused to your ears it is not actualyl reversible. Infact even with modern technolgy there is nothing that can bring back your hearing.  Coupled with the fact on how easy it is to actually cause permnanat damage it essential that we take good care of our hearing  Protecting your ears and your hearing ensures that you keep this important sense healthy and intact.  Contact a health professional dealing in hearing to choose the proper hearing protection needed.